Show Me The Love <3

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve certainly ramped up on my greeting card inventory this past year, and I have been especially inspired by the mushy gushy romance-injected holiday of love – Valentine’s Day! But I have to say, however, it is not just a day for lovey-dovey couples exchanging flowers and jewelry and googly eyes. It’s actually such a great excuse to warm someone’s heart and make them smile. So this year, I encourage you (no, challenge you!) to take the opportunity to show your friends, family and even your coworkers, some V-Day love.

How do you show them the love, you ask? Just be creative. You could bake some cookies and package them with a cute gift tag or ribbon, cook them some biscuits and grits, send an email to let them know you’re thinking of them, or maybe just give them a call. Think of a simple way to brighten their day. And while you’re brainstorming away, feel free to browse through my printable and made-to-order cards and see if you get any ideas.

Free Thanksgiving Download

I’m thankful for…

Download this free printable fill-out card and use it to share with your family and friends everything you’re thankful for this year. Choose from two designs or print some of both! Print them, trim them and set them out next to a box, basket or jar to collect them and share with everyone throughout the holiday. Save them as keepsakes, pair them with photos of your friends and family members, even add them to your scrapbooks! Two designs available – a mason jar design and a pumpkin design. Make these as festive as you want by choosing different color papers to print on (just make sure it is light enough in color to see the printed design).


Thank you for following my work and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving!)


Each design fits on a standard A2 card (4.25″x5.5″) and there are also PDFs for each version to print 4 copies on one letter sized sheet of paper (these files are labeled 4-up).



Download » ThankfulCard_Pumpkin


Download » ThankfulCard_Pumpkin-4up


Download » ThankfulCard_MasonJar


Download » ThankfulCard_MasonJar-4up

New Collection: The Masquerade

My new collection titled “The Masquerade” is now posted and available in a variety of products including Art Prints, iPhone & iPod Cases, Tote Bags, and more.

The concept for this design originated from my admiration of molded drama masks. You know, those ceramic sculpted masks, some of which painted with bold flowing strokes and glitter. The eyes seem to follow you around the room as they stare from the wall. I look at this work as a representation of my conscience. When I look at her face, I know she is watching and keeping me accountable. In the most friendly and loving way, of course!

Handcrafted Journals Now Available

I recently set out to create handmade journals to fulfill my own need for an everyday use notebook that can be refillable so that I can continue to use it for as long as I am so inclined. As a result, I have created some products that I am quite proud of. Not only are they made by hand, but I even get to utilize my graphic designer mindset to create the playfully bright and colorful fabric covers. This debuts my first collection, and I hope to include new designs in the future.

My handmade journals and keepsake books are now available for purchase through my Etsy Shop! These books are completely made by me, including the custom designed cotton fabric on the cover. Select books are refillable and refill kits are available for purchase.

Congrats Grads!

GradCapIt’s going to be graduation season soon! Create your own personalized cards and printable gifts with this new graduation collection of graphic icons.

Great for your own custom scrapbooking paper, cut outs, party decorations, greeting cards and more!


DIY ‘Save The Date’ Coasters

Super Cute Save The Dates

I made some designs for a friend of mine for her Save The Dates. She had them printed on plain copy paper at the local office supply store, and bought 4″x4″ white ceramic tiles, glitter, mod podge, and resin. With these few basic craft supplies, she made these wonderfully sparkly coasters!

Congrats, Amber and Mike!


Getting Inspired

There’s no right or wrong way to conjure up a little inspiration for creative projects. The following are my favorite ways to get the ideas flowing.



1. Visiting a museum. Being that I live relatively close to DC and Baltimore, I like to visit the many historic landmarks, museums and parks for inspiration. Each visit can inspire a different style or feeling that turns into a unique idea that can be put to paper. During my most recent visit to DC, the hotel room had an amazing view of a historic public library, roofed with copper patina and ornamented with beautiful sculpture.


Geo Flower

2. Gardening. Being able to apply my creativity in a different environment and working with my hands helps expand my perspective. Plus, after the gardening is done, I have a lovely composition for a new sketch!


Snowflake3. Browsing the web. This may be an obvious one, nonetheless, it is a helpful avenue to incur a desire to create something new. Sites like Behance, Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. have an amazing amount of images and original designs made by other creative people. It’s a good way to come up with new ideas and finding out what’s trending.


Ink Pen4. Doodling. Sometimes I just have to sit myself down, tell myself I am going to draw something, and then draw it. Usually, I try to start with at least a general concept and narrow it down once I get going. For me, this results in a wider selection of visual themes that I can explore and illustrate, and it makes it easy to break up my broad concept into multiple works. Before I know it, hours go by and I wonder where my day had gone.


Heart 5. Asking my friends. I value my friends’ and family’s thoughts on themes for my artwork. They know my skills and personality which helps in suggesting ideas that are compatible with my interests and style. It also helps me get out of my own head and listen to another person’s point of view that is honest and objective.