Show Me The Love <3

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve certainly ramped up on my greeting card inventory this past year, and I have been especially inspired by the mushy gushy romance-injected holiday of love – Valentine’s Day! But I have to say, however, it is not just a day for lovey-dovey couples exchanging flowers and jewelry and googly eyes. It’s actually such a great excuse to warm someone’s heart and make them smile. So this year, I encourage you (no, challenge you!) to take the opportunity to show your friends, family and even your coworkers, some V-Day love.

How do you show them the love, you ask? Just be creative. You could bake some cookies and package them with a cute gift tag or ribbon, cook them some biscuits and grits, send an email to let them know you’re thinking of them, or maybe just give them a call. Think of a simple way to brighten their day. And while you’re brainstorming away, feel free to browse through my printable and made-to-order cards and see if you get any ideas.